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Ground Zero

Each playlist targets a specific need in your data science journey.

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Nowadays, you can find many data science courses online. The problem is many of them have similar content. You don’t gain new skills or knowledge by taking courses with similar curriculums. As a data scientist, you need a variety of skills such as “How to develop a model,” “How to…

Notes From Industry

A playbook for protecting your job position as a data scientist

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I have worked with many data scientists in the past years. One thing that I found common among them is the lack of software development skills. A simple, but important, practice in software development is version control that is kinda known as Git in the industry while other technologies exist…

Notes From Industry

A playbook for developing software with minimum frustration

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I have led many development teams in the past years. One thing that I found common among them is the need to build an automated development pipeline. You don’t necessarily need a sophisticated development pipeline. I found even a basic pipeline can prevent many frustrations in your daily development. If…


Along with some insights to prevent common mistakes in computing sentence embedding

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We often need to encode text data, including words, sentences, or documents into high-dimensional vectors. The sentence embedding is an important step in various NLP tasks such as sentiment analysis and extractive summarization. A flexible sentence embedding library is needed to prototype fast and to tune for various contexts.


Notes on Community

You can switch to data science while making money if you use this strategy

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Many of you would like to switch your career to data science. I am sure you did some research to find what path may suit you best. However, you are not yet sure whether you should take it or not. There are many ways to pursue this career change for…

Notes on Community

3 reasons why I think this is a revolution in the AI landscape

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Google designed its own AI chip called Tensor to be used in its new Pixel 6 smartphone. The chip combines a GPU, CPU, ISP (image signal processor), TPU (Tensor processing unit), and a dedicated security chip. Tensor is well over four times faster than Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G that was used…


A recipe to build an internet server in less than 30sec using ngrok

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The story started about a year ago when I built a word-similarity service named Owl. I also created a series of REST API for the community to use this service. The APIs are available here. This was a hobby project for me. As far as I wanted to keep it…

Ground Zero

A playbook to learn the essentials behind deep learning focused on convolutional neural networks

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

I recently taught a mini-course on Machine Learning 101 for those who want to become data scientists. One of its modules was about Deep Learning. I found that many newbies are confused with this topic mostly because it is often taught with many complexities. In this article, I aim to…

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