Each playlist targets a specific need in your data science journey.

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Notes from Industry

A playbook for creating a CI/CD pipeline as a data scientist

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A playbook for protecting your job position as a data scientist

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Data Strategy

A deeper look into the four main pillars of a data strategy

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Value — Does it really create business value?

A large…


Through a combination of basics, examples, and a practical technique that is needed in your day-to-day job

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A collection of code snippets to build an Ubuntu server that is ready to develop a simple AI product.

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Let’s prevent over-simplification, over-complication, and over-exaggeration.

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A deeper look into the three main pillars of an AI strategy

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How the latest pandemic may affect your career path forever

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Through describing three must-have skills for senior data scientists

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Pedram Ataee, PhD

Founder @ Dance with Data | Author of “Artificial Intelligence: Unorthodox Lessons” at amzn.to/3jgoKBN

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